TIM, full name ‘TIM, Discourse Around Artists’ is a young magazine shaped for, and by artists. It is a collaboration between Dexian Feng/Elena Op ‘t Eynde, who form the publishing house In The End, Books?, and the artist Tim Verherstraeten. Born out of frustration with the current discourse around art as commodities, we propose a discourse around artists. We aim to produce content with and for emerging artists by giving them the opportunity to be part of the workings of the magazine through interviewing, illustrating or showcasing their works in TIM’s featured pages or dedicated advertising space.

This translates to the three distinct parts. The first part being In-depth conversations with established art professionals that illuminate their experiences and the facts and fictions of a life of art-making. We have our features, these will be long reads over several spreads, each dedicated to the work of a single artist. This is a space where longer-form works can get the attention they deserve. Lastly, TIM challenges the traditional advertising space by instead of commercialising them, giving artists a chance to show work that they haven’t been able to publish or exhibit yet. Each issue of TIM will have a new open call artists can respond to.